Improvements Made to Dangerous Intersection

Frederick County commuters driving southbound on U.S. 15 will have safer travels thanks to a new right turn lane onto Hayward Road. The State Highway Administration (SHA) recently completed a $500,000 project to construct the lane.

“SHA thanks motorists for their patience and cooperation during the design and construction of this much-needed safety enhancement,” said SHA Administrator Neil J. Pedersen. “The cooperative partnership with state, county officials, law enforcement and community partners has helped enhance safety for U.S. 15 travelers. We ask that motorists continue to drive safely through the intersection and adhere to the appropriate speed limits.”

The new turn lane, approximately 400 feet north of the intersection, allows traffic to now safely merge onto Hayward Road. Motorists traveling on northbound U.S. 15 will also continue to have access to westbound Hayward Road. The construction, along with other safety measures such as reducing the speed limit, adding new pavement markings and installing signs prior to the intersection have enhanced safety. Relocating the right turn movement north of the intersection reduces the potential for conflict between U.S. 15 northbound left turning motorists and the southbound 15 right turning motorists. Prior to this improvement, some left turning motorists would proceed into the intersection and then hesitate when encountering a right turning vehicle from southbound 15.

Customers who have questions about traffic operations along U.S. 15, or other state numbered routes in Frederick County may call SHA’s District 7 Office at 301-624-8100 or toll-free at 800-635-5119.

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